Registration is now open for RailsConf 2009 (May 4-7). You can get more details, and register, at the RailsConf 2009 website.

RailsConf is taking place in Las Vegas, one of my favorite cities. Yes, I know what a weird and ironic place it is. But for whatever reason, I’ve always found it extremely enjoyable. May is a good time to go—hopefully not to hot to step outside!

There’s a lot going on at RailsConf this year, highlighted by its timing in the wake of the Rails/Merb merger decision. There will be lots of merger news and highlights, along with the usual great lineup of talks and, above all, the chance to meet and get to know other Rails developers as well as Rails core team members, authors, bloggers, and pretty much the whole gang!

A hiatus year for RailsConf Europe

Ruby Central and O’Reilly have decided to take a hiatus from producing RailsConf Europe this year, for the simple reason that it didn’t bring in enough revenue last year to justify doing it again, particularly given the tight economy and the need to err on the side of caution. RailsConf Europe has always been a really great event, and people who go to it really love it, but we need a year of retrenchment while we figure out how to get everyone else to realize how great it is! Plans for 2010 are not certain yet; we’re taking it one year at a time.

Meanwhile, the Ruby and Rails communities continue to produce an astonishing number of high-quality, uniquely branded and flavored events. I’m not even going to try to list them all here. Do a search, though, and you may very well find one near you.

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